About me

For me, landscape photography means to experience nature with all senses. Since I started this hobby in 2011, it has gripped me and has not let go. You experience and see nature with different eyes.

For good pictures you have to leave the comfort zone, get up early, search for your subject in cold and snow or hike up the mountains in the heat and above all wait for the right moment.

All this takes sweat and effort, but the reward is all the greater. Far away from mass tourism you discover unique places. Landscape photography is very much dependent on the weather and often has to do with luck whether the conditions on site are suitable.

In my work I try to capture these natural beauties and "make the moment last". With my photos I want to draw the viewer into the picture.

With today's techniques of post processing, results are possible that were not even conceivable some years ago.

I use various software solutions for the preparation of the photos, such as Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop or Helicon Focus.

So it is possible to combine photos with different exposure times and levels of sharpness to one photo or to create excellent panoramas.

I do not use the subsequent image processing to alienate my photos, but to create images that would not have been possible without post-processing, alone in the camera.

Of course I would like to present my photographic works and share them with you.

I wish you much fun on my website!