Photo book from Saal Digital

Photo book from Saal Digital

Last week I was allowed to test the new photo book of the Professional Line from Saal Digital. For this I had also received a voucher worth 100 francs. Up to now I have always had my photo books made by Saal Digital and was always satisfied with the quality.

I had never held the new Professional Line photobook in my hands before.

The book is even available with a cover made of acrylic glass on request, which looks very noble and modern. But the acrylic glass is already quite solid. The book cover is accordingly heavier than a cardboard cover. But the acrylic glass surface magically attracts dirt and fingerprints.

The rest of the binding is available in leather or fabric.

The pages are available in matt or gloss, either in normal paper thickness or with extra thick pages. But if you choose these thick pages that are more similar to a cardboard in terms of stability, only a maximum of 46 pages is possible.

I decided for a photobook with a size of 30 x 40 centimetres with the normal pages in glossy. The other pages would also be too thick for me.

Especially nice is the flat binding of the pages. So you can also display texts and pictures over two pages and view panorama photos in a nice big size.

The picture format is well chosen with 30 x 40 centimeters. Photos in 3:2 format are well displayed on one page.

The book is also quite big with this size and because of the acrylic glass cover it is also a bit heavier and not so easy to handle. To hold it in one hand and turn the pages with the other hand is quite difficult. So you have to lay the book flat on the table.

About the quality of the books I can report only positive so far. The whole processing and the materials seem to be of high quality.

A few years ago I had two photo books from Saal Digital, where the pages were slightly wavy when the humidity in the room increased (I have a large aquarium in the living room). Such a thing must not happen! Time will show if this is the case with the new books.

What also made me shy away from buying them is the high price of these books. More than 200 francs for a photo book with 42 pages is pretty steep. Perhaps Saal Digital can still do something about that.

The production of the book as well as the delivery was very fast.

Taken together it is an excellent product. I hope that the quality will remain for many years and that I will enjoy it for a long time.

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