Photo tour to Engadine

Photo Tour Engadine Autumn 2021

Our successful photo tour with experienced photo trainer Daniel Spohn from naturimfokus.com will take place again in 2021!

This five-day trip takes us to the beautiful Engadine in autumn. The mountain region is considered one of the most beautiful in Switzerland. Especially in autumn, when the larches turn golden-yellow, you can experience one of the most beautiful natural spectacles in Europe there!

On this trip we will photograph impressing mountain landscapes. The focus for us is on nature and landscape photography. We will drive over the Alpine passes into the Engadine and the neighbouring Puschlav. The area with its crystal-clear mountain lakes, framed by the magnificent pine-larch forests, is an absolute highlight. We will photograph the mighty mountains and glaciers in the best lighting conditions. Furthermore, overnight stays in a mountain hut and in a hotel at 3000 hm are also planned, with a view of the huge glaciers!

All details and further information can be found here: Engadine photo tour. Or of course on naturimfokus.com!

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