Swiss Photo Awards: Jury Prize

Swiss Photo Awards: Jury Prize

SPC Photo Awards: Jury Prize 2019

I am very happy, because with my picture 'Leuchtpilze' I won the jury prize at the photo exhibition 'Swiss Photo Awards' yesterday, March 24th!

The ten-day exhibition in the heart of Zurich, in the "Photobastei", was created and organized by the Swiss Photo Club.

At this event many outstanding photos of other photographers were exhibited in gallery quality and the best entries were selected. I, too, had to acknowledge that the competitors were at a very high level.

At the Swiss Photo Awards, four winning photos (one small photo and three large photos) are selected with the votes of the visitors. During the ten days, visitors to the exhibition were able to vote in writing for their personal favourites. The winning photos were then selected from all the votes cast, and an additional photo was selected by the expert jury itself.

I am honoured that the jury of the Swiss Photo Club has chosen my photo. Thanks to everyone who supported me in the last time and motivate me "to notch up one's performance"!

You can view the winning photos on the Swiss Photo Club website.

I would like to thank the Swiss Photo Club for the great event and look forward to further events! In addition to the award, I can look forward to a professionally organised photo trip. You will also be able to read the results here again - and see them!

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