Slovenia – wild europe

Photo tour Slovenia - wild europe - 22. up to 28. May 2023

In cooperation with naturimfokus.com

Landscape and wildlife photography. In close contact with nature.

Important note: Bookable as a complete tour "wild europe" (consisting of Module #1 Landscape Photography in Triglav National Park and Module #2 Wildlife Photography (Brown Bears & Wildlife)) or only module #1 (22. May to 25. May) or only module #2 (25. May to 28. May) separately.

I am pleased to be organising this photo tour together with Daniel Spohn from naturimfokus.com. You can find all the details and information about this tour here or by email: info@naturimfokus.com. Booking is also done through naturimfokus.com.

wild europe: Why Slovenia?

The Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park are a true natural jewel. The rivers, waterfalls and glacial lakes with their turquoise to steel-blue water eaten deep into the limestone are a landscape photographer's dream in combination with the fresh green of spring. On this photo trip we will deal in detail with photography at streams and waterfalls and realise creative long exposures. In addition, we will take enough time to photograph mountains and lakes, such as the beautiful Lake Bled.

We will also focus intensively on the king of Slovenia's extensive, rustic forests - the wild brown bears. In Slovenia you still have the opportunity to see these now rare animals and to photograph them from a safe distance in the wild. In spring, the mothers come out of hibernation with their cubs and make every wildlife photographer's heart beat faster.

We will guide you to the best light moods to our absolute favourite places for breathtaking landscape and wildlife photography. We look forward to seeing you!

What features this journey?

  • 7 days (6 nights) on site in Slovenia
  • This trip consists of 2 modules, which can be booked individually or in combination if desired:
    • Module #1: Landscape Photography in Triglav National Park from 22. May to 25. May 2023
      • Daily workshops with the experienced photo trainer Daniel Spohn and the landscape photographer André Wandrei
      • High individual learning success due to small group (max. 4 persons per trainer)
      • Single room incl. breakfast (double room on request)
    • Module #2: Animal photography (wildlife): brown bears, hawk owls, songbirds from 25. May to 28. May 2023
      • Daily workshops and picture discussions with the experienced photo trainer Daniel Spohn
        High individual learning success due to small group (max. 7 persons)
        Single room incl. full board (double room on request)
  • extensive test possibility of the Rock Solid tripods and filter systems of our partner Rollei
  • New in 2023: extensive test possibility of SIGMA lenses on request
  • implementation guarantee from the fourth participant
  • travel insurance certificate from Karawane Reisen GmbH & Co.KG


  • creative long exposures and detail photography at streams and waterfalls in the forests of Slovenia
  • fresh greenery, moss-covered rocks and deep gorges
  • landscape and wildlife photography in the best light moods
  • the mighty mountains of the Julian Alps
  • photography on the shores of Lake Bled with Slovenia's only island
  • wildlife photography in the rustic forests of Slovenia
  • Brown Bears with their cubs will be photographed in the wild from safe hides

What should you bring along?

  • camera with interchangeable lenses, e.g. SLR or mirrorless camera (MFT or bridge camera)
  • a stable tripod!
  • lenses from wide angle to telephoto (recommended 14 to 400mm)
  • polarising filter (important for water photography!) and grey filter!
  • photo backpack
  • full batteries, empty memory cards, charger
  • if you are not yet familiar with the operation of your camera, it is an advantage to take the camera manual with you. (We cannot know all cameras of all manufacturers)
  • you are healthy and can walk for 30 minutes with your photo backpack

What else is advantageous?

  • basic photography skills (focal length, aperture, shutter speed, ISO)
  • DSLR or mirrorless camera with lenses from ultra wide angle to telephoto (14mm to 400mm)
  • polarising filter (important!), grey filter, grey graduated filter
  • remote shutter release
  • headlamp with red light

A detailed packing list, including recommended clothing, follows.

What are you learning on this tour?

  • image composition
  • interaction of aperture, exposure time, ISO
  • effect of different focal lengths
  • difference between the file formats JPEG and RAW
  • reading the histogram correctly
  • use of filters (grey filter, graduated filter, polarising filter)
  • long exposures (especially important when photographing streams and waterfalls)
  • techniques for creating panoramas
  • photographing in low light
  • image review and post-processing in Lightroom and/or Photoshop

These are some impressions from Slovenia. We try to visit all the places you can see in the photos.